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  1. Basic comparison of services
  2. Ticket prices (airport to airport)
  3. Timetable
  4. Bus stops coverage 

Bratislava has a direct bus connection with Vienna with 20+ departures per day. The journey takes only around 1 hour. There is also a good connection between both airports

There are three main bus operators providing direct connection between Bratislava and Vienna:

  • Slovak Lines Express in cooperation with Austrian Postbus
  • Blaguss
  • RegioJet

Both operators have regular service between Bratislava Airport and Vienna Airport. Little differences are just in frequency, pricing and comfort. While Slovak Lines offers more flexibility in terms of regularity and flexibility, Blaguss is a bit cheaper and faster. Following table summarizes the offer from both providers. 

Basic comparison of services


Slovak Lines



Number of daily departs




Number of stops




Declared duration (airport to airport)

90 min

60 min

80 min

WiFi on board

Air condition

Buy tickets online

Buy tickets at driver


Ticket prices (airport to airport)


Slovak Lines*



One way


One way


Adult (27+)





Young (13-26)





Children (4-12)





Baby (0-3)




Hand baggage



Extra luggage



* If you are traveling to Vienna city (not the airport) with Slovak Lines, you can consider buying a so called KOMBI Ticket. It includes one-day public transport ticket in Vienna for discounted price (10-20% off). Learn more about price and conditions here.

** You do not have to buy a ticket for an exact return date, unless you want. This is called an OPEN Ticket, which can be used for any return journey taking place till 180 days since the purchase. 

RegioJet does not operate on routes from airport to airport, only from main bus stations. One-way ticket costs 4€.

Note: Prices may change over time. While we do our best to keep the data updated, we could have missed the latest updated. Please double-check the current prices for Slovak Lines and Blaguss in the official pricing page.


To see the exact departure times, use the journey planner or see official timetables of Slovak Lines and Blaguss. Following list of departure points can help you decide, which service to use.

  • From Bratislava airport - for early departures between 4am and 11am, Blaguss would be the best choice as buses leave approximately every 90 minutes. Since 11:30am, Slovak Lines starts to operate on this route as well every 60 minutes. So the afternoon departures are pretty frequent.

  • From Bratislava city center - if you are accommodated in the city center, you can hop on the Slovak Lines or RegioJet bus at Central Bus Station (Bratislava AS). If you prefer Blagus bus, it departs from under the Most SNP bridge. Both stops have a frequent coverage of departures approximately every 60 minutes (even 30 minutes during peak hours). First buses depart around 4am and last ones at 11pm.  

  • From Vienna airport - first buses depart at 6am on a frequent basis almost every 60 minutes (even more frequent during the day and peak hours). Last bus depart after midnight. In general there are 37 daily departures from Vienna airport to Bratislava

  • From Vienna city - Blaguss bus departs from Erdbergstrasse since 6am to 00:30am every 60-90 minutes. Slovak Lines bus departs from Vienna Hauptbahnhof (central train station) since 6:30am to 23:30pm every 30-60 minutes. If you are around Hauptbahnhof, you should also consider using the train.RegioJet departs from Wien, U2 Stadion, Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse every 60 minutes.

Note: Timetables may change over time. While we do our best to keep the data updated, we could have missed the latest updated. Please double-check the current timetables at Slovak LinesBlaguss and RegioJet official page. 

Bus stops coverage 


Slovak Lines



Bratislava Airport


Bratislava AS - Central Bus Station


Bratislava, Most SNP - wider city center



Bratislava, Einsteinova st.




Heinburg / Donau


Vienna Airport - Schwechat


Vienna, Erdberg st. - wider city center


Vienna Hbf - Central Train Station


Vienna U2 Stadion, Busterminal Stadioncenter, Engerthstrasse

  • Bratislava - Vienna by train
  • Central Bus Station - Bratislava Mlynske Nivy
  • Central Bus Station hall - Bratislava Mlynske Nivy
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Daphne on Apr 30, 2018

Hello, I'm arriving to Bratislava on May 20th at 21:30 and i want to take a bus to Vienna, i read some of the comments below you suggest to take a Blaguss bus, what about Flixbus, have you heard about them? are they good too?

thank you so much

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Walter Feichter on Nov 20, 2017

Hi Jakub! I will need to travel from bratislava airport to vienna anna- frauer gasse in the 18. district . Can you give me some info on how to get there please!

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Armin Ćupina on Aug 29, 2017

Good afternoon, I am interested in traveling from Vienna to Bratislava's airport for tonight. I need to know when is yours latest autobus, because my flight is in the morning. Thank you. Sincerely

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Stacey McGrath on Aug 05, 2017

Hello Jakub

I will be in Vienna and my flights leaves from Bratislava. Is there a shuttle bus that would take me from Vienna to Bratislava directly? Could you kindly give me the bus number?

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Ramita on Jul 23, 2017


Thanks for the post, it is still very helpful. I wanted to ask if tickets for these buses are available easily (bus is not full etc.) from the Vienna airport to Bratislava. I will be arriving on 17th August and just did not want to commit to a time for the bus as flight timings can vary!


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