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There are several bus connections per day, so it is easy to find a perfect connection for you while traveling to Prague or visiting Bratislava from the Czech capital!

Student Agency

One of the companies providing bus lines is Student Agency, which operates daily from Bratislava to Prague with typical bright yellow coaches and an excellent service aboard.


One way ticket costs 12.00€ and a round trip 24.00€. It is not necessary to print your ticket, just show the email or the ticket number to the steward and get aboard.

For online reservation visit:


Owners of valid cards have following discounts for Student Agency buses:

Child<15 15%
EURO 26 10%
ISIC 10%
Adult above 60 15%

Schedule (daily)

from Bratislava Bus station “Mlynske Nivy”  7:15 12:15 15:15 18:15 departures
to Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 11:30 17:00 19:30 22:30 arrivals
from Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 7:00 9:00 15:00 17:00 departures
to Bratislava Bus station “Mlynske Nivy” 11:15 13:15 19:45 21:45 arrivals

Baggage policy

  • 2 hand luggage not greater than 15x25x35 cm, 15kg are transported for free
  • 1 hand luggage is charged by 10 CZK/ 0.5 € / 200 HUF

Your route will be supervised by a stewardess and other services provided on board:

  • Movies, series, radio station
  • Free hot beverages
  • Cold drinks and snacks for sale
  • Air-conditioning and toilet
  • Electric socket (230V)
  • Wi-Fi (for the Czech area only) 

Slovak Lines

Another Slovak company Slovak Lines started operating a new route from Bratislava to Prague three times per day, including one stop in Brno (Czech Republic) with new business class buses, while providing great services including WiFi, 220 V plug, movies, radio, TV series, newspapers and magazines.


One way ticket Bratislava – Prague is 16€, return ticket you buy for 28€. To buy tickets use the form above.


Student/Senior 14€ one way 25€ return ticket
Child (4-12) 8€ one way 14€ return ticket
Child (0-3) 3€ one way 6€ return ticket

 Schedule (daily)

from Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 7:00 13:00 18:00 (departure)
via Brno, AN pri hoteli Grand, platform 9 9:30 15:30 20:30 (departure)
to Bratislava, Bus station “Mlynske Nivy”, platform 5    11:00 17:00 22:00 (arrival)
from Bratislava, Bus station “Mlynske Nivy”, platform 5 7:30 12:30 18:00 (departure)
via Brno, AN pri hoteli Grand, platform 9 9:15 14:00 19:30 (departure)
to Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 11:40 16:30 22:00 (arrival)

One more company Euroline buses from Bratislava to Prague provide you with a comfortable and safe ride including free WiFi connection, 220 V power, 0.5l bottle of water, newspapers and magazines on board of each bus. You can enjoy safe and cosy ride!


One way ticket costs 16€ and round trip 28€. For online reservations use the form above.

Schedule /daily/

from Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 7:00 13:00 15:00 18:00 (departure)
to Bratislava, Bus station “Mlynske Nivy” 11:15


19:10 22:15 (arrival)
from Bratislava, Bus station “Mlynske Nivy” 7:30 9:30 12:30 18:00 (departure)
to Prague, UAN Florenc bus station 11:45 13:45 16:45 22:45 (arrival)

Baggage policy

  • 2 hand baggage not exceeding 15x25x35 cm are transported for free
  • Every other baggage is charged for 10 CZK/ 0.5 €
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