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If you like winter and mountains, there is no better place for you in Slovakia than High Tatra Mountains (Vysoke Tatry). These mountains include the highest peaks of Carpathian mountain range and are situated in the north of Slovakia at the border with Poland. It is about 300km away from Bratislava and you get there by IC trains or via highway in approximately 3-4 hours.

Winter Activities

High Tatra Mountains offer many possibilities for free time activities in winter.

High Tatra Mountains developed a good infrastructure for skiing and snowboarding with over 45km of slopes. They offer stunning views. Slopes are serviced by the newest winter cable cars set up in recent years.

The season usually starts at the end of November and ends in April. There are two main ski resorts - one in Strbske Pleso and the other one in Tatranska Lomnica. It is very easy to rent skies or snowboard on the slopes or in most of the ski shops in the city. The price of daily tickets in High Tatras is around 30€ each and less when you buy a skipass. 

Cross-country skiing is also very popular in winter. Tracks have a total length of 80 kilometres. Most of them are situated in Strbske Pleso resort (25km). They get upkept everyday.

Thermal_parks_and_Hot_springs" id="Thermal_parks_and_Hot_springs" class="link">Thermal parks and Hot springs

After a long day, you can visit Aqua City Poprad, Aquapark Tatralandia, Gino Paradise Bešeňová, Thermal Park Vrbov or other places. Most of the good hotels offer excellent wellness capabilities.

Aqua_City_Poprad" id="Aqua_City_Poprad" class="link">Aqua City Poprad

The greenest resort in the world with 13 pools and 5 slides, sauna world, fitness centre and regular laser shows. It is open every day from 8:00 - 21:00. Depending on which packet you choose, the price range varies from 3€ to 25€ per day for all the attractions.

Aquapark_Tatralandia" id="Aquapark_Tatralandia" class="link">Aquapark Tatralandia

The biggest Aquapark in Slovakiam, next to Liptovsky Mikulas, is a perfect place for fun. It offers 14 pools and 26 slides, wellness centre, superfly arena and many more attractions. Open every day from 10:00 to 21:00. Prices range varies from 8€ to 20€ per day. Family packets are 40€.

Gino_Paradise_Besenova" id="Gino_Paradise_Besenova" class="link">Gino Paradise Besenova

Totaly renewed aquapark wtih 21 pools with 6 slides. Opened from 10:00 - 21:00. Prices start from 8€ to 25€ per day. Family packets vary from 27€ to 60€.


You can find many hostels, hotels and pensions all around. Prices vary from 20€ to 100+€ per night, depending on the location and exclusivity. If you want to live right under the mountains, in the heart of Hight Tatras, we highly recommend Hotel Panorama in Strbske Pleso.

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Caroline on Nov 29, 2017

HI, is it worth the trip from Bratislava to Poprad for example for just 1 day? (by train)


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Angela on Jan 26, 2017

Hi all. I am travelling first time to Slovakia. I need to get from Bratislava airport to Donovaly. Could you please advice me how to plan the trip. Thanks a lot,


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adnan on Aug 27, 2016

hi how much the cost from Bratislava airport to Piestany by uber taxi?

thank you

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Samuel on Aug 27, 2016

Hi adnan,

Uber is meant as a Bratislava transport, Piestany are quite far away from here. But you are willing to go by uber, the estimate is around 40 euro (for comparison it would cost you around 5 euro if you take train/bus).

best wishes,


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tony.psaila on Sep 01, 2015

We are six adults and a kid of 7 years old, and would like to travel from vienna airport on the 21st december to high tatras. We do not know the hotel name yet in high tatras. Then we will travel back from high tatras to a hotel in vienna center on the 24th december. Could you please give us a quote for the transfers.

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Samuel on Sep 02, 2015

Hi tony.psaila,

I would recommend :

1. get to Bratislava by bus (direct connection)

2. get from Bratislava central bus station to Bratislava train station (public transport number 21 or 210)

3. take train to High Tatras (you might have to change once depending on yours hotel location. Usually you have to get to Poprad and then change for some local train)


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