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Central bus station in Prague is called Florenc and it is located in the wider city center. The station serves for domestic and also for international buses - you can travel to almost every city in Czechia and Florenc is also home for the most of international departures from Prague, but with international travels be careful and check your tickets, because not all international buses are going from there.

The station is after reconstruction and is very modern and it has all the facilities you need - restaurants, newsagent, toilets, luggage storage, currency exchange, ATMs and most important information desk, where they speak fluent English. There are also the offices of the bus operators, where you can buy the tickets for your journey. In the centre of the waiting hall it is located a board with the departures and arrivals, so you can easily find your platform - the platforms are located outside the waiting hall. The bus station is opened from 3:00 am to 0:30 am.

How to get to Florenc by public transport

Florenc is very well connected with the rest of the city by many public transport options. The easiest way how to get there from the city is using metro. The metro lines B and C are both stopping at Florenc metro station which is below the bus station. Outside the bus station there are two bus stops with lines: 135, 509, 133, 175 and 207. The tram stop is also about 250 metres away from Florenc. There you can use the trams: 3, 8, 24, 52. As you can see it is very convenient to use all type of public transport to get to/from Florenc.


Taxis at Florenc

There are several taxi companies operating around Florenc so you can easily hop on. But be carefull recently there have been some scandals connected to the Pragues Taxi services which were ripping off the  foreigners it is always a good idea to call a taxi by verified services - applications like Uber, LIftago or Hopin.

Getting to Florenc by own car

If you are using your own car, you can find a parking lot in front of the station. But be careful it is not for free.

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