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Budapest to Bratislava by train


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It is not possible to buy train tickets online. Consider traveling by bus. It is cheaper, more flexible and takes the same time. Buy bus tickets here!

There is a direct connection between the cities. A EuroCity train shuttles approximately every 2 hours and it takes only 2 hours and 40 minutes. Bratislava's central station is called Bratislava - hlavná stanica, often shortened to Bratislava- hl. st. in some occasions. In Budapest you will arrive to/depart from the Budapest Keleti station.

Tickets and prices

TicketNormal tariffReduced tariff
Return ticket 17,50€ 8,75€
One-way ticket app. 15€ app. 7,5€

You can buy a ticket directly at the station, however, it is not possible to do so on the Internet. You will not get a reservation of a seat, so you can sit anywhere in the 2nd class. Visit the Official Slovak Rail website (SK) for more information.


The train shuttles every 2 hours from both stations. The first train from Bratislava departs at 5:50 and the last direct one at 19:54. From Budapest, the first one departs at 5:25 and the last direct one at 17:25. Final train departs at 20:05. The journey takes 2 hours and 41 minutes in both directions.

Transport from the station

The public transport stop in Bratislava is called "Hlavná stanica" and is one of the most important stops in the whole city. Visit the Official public transport web site for more information. The basic directions and routes from station:

  • to city center - you take any bus or trolleybus directing to Račianske mýto and then take a tram to the city center. Or you can just walk following the signs "Centrum" (city center)
  • to the bus station - take the direct bus number 210 towards "Autobusová stanica" and get off at the last stop.
  • to the airport - take the direct bus number 61 toward "Letisko M.R. Štefánika" and get off at the last stop.
  • Bratislava Central Train Station (Hlavna stanica)
  • Budapest to Bratislava by bus
  • Bratislava Central Train Station - ticket desks
  • Bratislava Central Train Station - inside hall
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Beth on Feb 22, 2018

Additional questions- sorry!! What do you recommend as the best way to travel around Slovakia - we have 3 days. Does it make more sense to rent a car? Appreciate your insight on that. At the end of our trip we then need to transfer to Vienna to fly home - is it best to take a bus or train? THANKS AGAIN!

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Beth on Feb 22, 2018

I'm trying to figure out if it's easier to take a bus or train from Budapest to Bratislava. They seem to take about the same amount of time and don't cost too much different from my research, but I could be totally wrong. I'm getting confused! I'd appreciate any advice. THANK YOU!

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Gustavo on Feb 21, 2018

Hello There !!!

Is it possible to buy train tickets Bratislava to Budapest in another city train station, like Vienna ou Prague.

Thank You !!

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Tharra on Jan 17, 2018

which station i should take to go to bratislava? how much per ticket?

thank you

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Lynda on Jan 13, 2018

Will an Australian Seniors card be recognised as a valid Seniors ID?

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