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Bratislava - School Vacations and Public Transportation Holidays


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By Allan Stevo
Bratislava, December 21, 2010, ( - Some bus lines in Bratislava have additional buses during the school year to handle the added numbers of students going to and from school. During the following school vacations, the schedules are adjusted:

24th December 2010 - 7th January 2011
Christmas vacation

31st January 2011
School vacation

21st February 2011 - 25th February 2011
Spring vacation
(not effective for routes 31, 39, 184, 201, 202, 208)

21st April 2011 - 26th April 2011
Easter Vacation
(effective only for routes 55, 178, 184)

1st July 2011 - 2nd September 2011
Summer vacation
Find a list of Public Transportation Holidays in Bratislava, when buses, trams, and trolley-buses run according to a Sunday schedule.
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