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By Daniel Sukup
There are several maps on the Internet that deal with the Bratislava Public Transportation System (PTS). On this page, we have several maps, each showing a different aspect of the PTS in Bratislava.
The most common map shows the complete map of the routes of all the lines in the system. The map of the entire Bratislava public transportation system may be found here here. In this map, one can see the lines of all city buses, trolley buses, trams, night buses, the airport shuttle, and the bus that goes to and from the Austrian border cities Wolfstahl and Hainburg.
After midnight, night buses run, which have different routes than buses taken during the day. Here is the map dedicated to night buses in Bratislava. The night buses run hourly and cover the whole city, so paying for a taxi to reach a destination after midnight is not necessary.
Ecologically-friendly people might want to travel only by trolley, because they run on electricity and do not belch exhaust in the city. Here is the complete map of Bratislava trolley bus lines .
The city also has a vision of how they want trolley bus lines to look in 2030. Here is the Bratislava trolley bus 2030 projection map. As may be seen in the map, all of Petrzalka is supposed to be connected to the trolley bus network, as well as new and interesting routes to other parts of the city such as Lamac or Dlhe Diely via Mlynska Dolina.
Bratislava also has tram lines, which may be seen in the map of Bratislava tram lines. In this map, one can see that the trams go from Dubravka, through the center and then to Raca, Zlate Piesky and Ruzinov. The city also has a plan for how the tram lines will look in 2030, which may be found in the Bratislava tram 2030 projection map. As may be seen in the map, the city of Bratislava plans to extend the line from Dubravka to the Volkswagen factory in Devinska Nova Ves and from Zlate Piesky to Vajnory. It is also expected that Raca and Zlate Piesky will eventually get connected through the Zabi Majer.
Transportation in Bratislava has changed much over the last hundred years. Here is a map of how the Bratislava tram line has evolved since 1895. Back then, the city was called Pressburg (in German), Pozsony (in Hungarian), and Presporok (in Slovak). As may be seen, many routes have been terminated. Until 1927, it was possible to travel from Safarikovo namestie to the Bus Station by tram. Also, until 1979, people could travel by tram from Hurbanovo namestie directly to the Main Train Station. Another interesting route led across the Stary Most Bridge (The Old Bridge) to Petrzalka and then onward to Austria.
Bratislava is large enough to have its own subway system; however, it does not have one and probably will not any time soon. Nevertheless, there is an existing projection of how the Bratislava Metro would look. Line A would go from the station at Gastanovy Hajik to Dubravka. Later, the track would extend even further to Raca on one side and to Devinska Nova Ves on the other. Line B is expected to go from the end of Petrzalka – Janikov Dvor to Ruzinov and later be extended to the Bratislava Airport.
Daniel Sukup is Assistant Editor of Bratislava Guide.
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