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Bratislava and Vienna are two of the closest two capital cities in the world and, therefore, travelers commonly take trips from Bratislava to Vienna or vice-versa. There are several ways to travel from one of these cities to the other.
The train schedule may be viewed online. The language of the website may be switched to English or German by clicking on the respective language in the lower right-hand corner of the homepage. To purchase tickets, buy them directly at Bratislava Main Train Station (Hlavna stanica) or Bratislava Petrzalka Train Station. Most trains go from these two stations to Vienna Südbahnhof Ostbahn.
The journey takes about an hour and a round-trip ticket only costs |11|. However, a one way ticket costs |12.70| from the main station and |18.10| from the Petrzalka station. With a round-trip ticket, it is possible to purchase a ticket for public transportation system in Vienna, which raises the cost to |14.60|.
The Vienna public transportation ticket allows the holder of the ticket to freely travel for 24 hours on the Vienna public transportation system. Buying a single trip ticket for public transportation in Vienna is |1.80| and a 24-hour pass is |5.70|. The round trip ticket is highly recommended for those planning on frequently using the UBahn during their trip.
One perk about traveling by bus is that connections may be checked online and reservations may be made and paid for online. Travelers will most likely begin at Bratislava, AS (Bratislava Bus Station) to Vienna, Flughafen (Vienna, Airport) or to Vienna, Erdberg.
The price of a one-way ticket is |7.70| and |6.90| with an international student card. A round-trip ticket costs |14.30| and |12.70| with an international student card. The trip from Bratislava to Vienna by a bus also takes an hour.
A hydrofoil leaves from the Personal Ship Port at Bratislava's Fajnorovo Nabrezie Embankment and arrives at the Schiffstation Reichsbrücke, Handelskai 265, Platform Number 6 - directly in front of the passenger port building (U1 Vorgartenstrasse 5 minutes). This journey takes an hour and 45 minutes upstream from Bratislava and an hour and 30 minutes downstream. A one-way ticket costs |16| and a round-trip ticket costs |25|. Students with an international student card or Euro 26 receive a 10% discount. The schedule and other information may be viewed at the Slovak Shipping and Ports page.
Even though Bratislava and Vienna are only 64 kilometers apart, the drive between the cities takes up to an hour. Our website offers the option to order a personal vehicle with a driver via our verified business partners. We can offer a car for three passengers. The price |60| is for the whole car, not per person.
Ordering a car pickup from the Vienna Airport to any hotel or place in Bratislava is available upon request. For an additional charge, a limousine, a van for eight, or a microbus for fourteen people is available. Pickup in the city centre of Vienna can also be arranged. For more information, contact us at .
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