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Full day tour from Vienna


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Discover the beautiful and peaceful city of Bratislava in this day trip from Vienna. Experience a scenic 9-hour tour by bus from Vienna to Bratislava, and stroll through the old town. Return to Vienna past the picturesque river landscapes aboard the Twin City Liner boat.

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  • Explore the historic old town of Bratislava in this full-day trip from Vienna
  • Soak up the atmosphere in the Primatial Square
  • Visit 15th century Old Town Hall
  • Walk down picturesque Michalska Street
  • See Bratislava’s most important religious building the St. Martin Cathedral
  • Try some delicious Slovakian cuisine at lunch
Duration 9:00 hours
Price 65 € per person. Bus transfer to Bratislava and boat ticket to Vienna included. Check availability and current price here.
Difficulty Low
Meeting point Hotel pick-up
Tour Operator Professional guide (in partnership with - world's leading guiding platform)

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Visiting Bratislava has never been easier with this full-day tour leaving from Vienna. A one-hour bus trip will ensure you reach Bratislava quickly and comfortably. Arriving in the old town you will have some free time to simply soak up the atmosphere of this quaint and historic quarter.

Stroll around the city or enjoy shopping. The return trip with the Twin City Liner boat departs at 16:00. Experience high speeds on the water in the comfort of the air-conditioned catamaran. After a cruise through the untouched river landscapes and the Danube-Auen National Park, the tour ends at Schwedenplatz in Vienna at 17:30.

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RITA SEN on Feb 08, 2017

We are 2 old ladies who would like take a full day Bratislava tour on 11th June 2017 from Vienna

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cynthia on Mar 04, 2015

i will be in Vienna this coming Sunday & Monday. For 2 people - what is the cost?

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Karen on Aug 12, 2013

How long is the walking (guided tour) part of the tour - excluding lunch, free time and travel time? Thanks!

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Jakub on Aug 12, 2013

Hi Karen,

it should not be more than 4 hours. But the walking is not tiring as the city center of Bratislava is quite small and flat.


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Jabeen on Jun 17, 2013

What will be the price for couple? Is there any possibility of offering a customized tour for both of us?

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Thinex Shek on Jun 11, 2013

I shall be visiting Vienna in early August, and spend a day tour to Bratislava.

My question is. My family and I are holding Hong Kong SAR passports. We have visa-free for entering both Vienna and Bratislava. But, a day trip of Vienna/Bratislava/Vienna means we need to enter Vienna multiple times during our stay in Vienna. Would it be an issue?

Your advice is appreciated.

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Jakub on Jun 12, 2013

Hi Thinex Shek,

this should not be any issue. Once you get to Schengen area, you do not have to show your passport at the borders as there are any borders :) So in my opinion you are safe.

Have a nice trip

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