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Zlaté piesky is a natural lake on the edge of Bratislava. It is approximately 400m wide and 30m deep. There is a small natural island in the middle of the lake, which is a good point where to swim or drive the water bicycle towards. The "beach" is mostly covered with small rocks and the surrounding is grassy, which is an ideal surface for many summer sport activities.Entrance fees

Adults 2€
Adults after 16:00 1€
Students 15-26 1,80€
Children 3-15, seniors above 62 1,50€
1 adult + 2 children (3-15) 4,75€
2 adults + 2 children (3-15) 6,65€
Parking 2€

However, there are also 2 non-paid entry areas. First one is close to the wakeboard tow. This one is not that developed and significantly smaller, but offers a buffet, as well. This area is more suitable for younger active people, not families.

The second non-paid area is the nudist beach on the opposite side of the lake, accesible from the same place as the previous area.


The lake is very famous and often crowded during hot weekends. It offers a wide variety of food and drinks - from fast-food to restaurant meals. Palace shopping center is located only few meters away and you can find Tesco there. The prices are low, however, still higher than in surrounding areas.

Fun activities

  • There are two water slides, one leading to the lake, second to the pool. Both are paid.
  • Water bicycles rental
  • Wakeboarding "Wakelake"
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Football
  • Children playgrounds
  • Minigolf
  • Table tenis


It is possible to be accomodated in the close hotel, private bungalows, small cottages or even in your own tent or caravan. See the Official pricelist.

Get there by public transport

The tram stop "Zlaté piesky" is the final terminal one for the tram number 4, which departs also from the city center. Then, buses number 53, 56 and 65 have their stop here, too.

The non-paid area is accessible by the bus number 53, and the stop is called Kon-Rad. It is only a few meters to the "beach" from this stop.

Get there by car

The lake is located nearby the exit road from Bratislava, just past the Palace shopping center. It is possible to park right in front of the entrance to the lake area or at the Palace shopping center parking.

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