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  2. Other spots
  3. Transportation

This comprehensive guide covers the most important places you should know when coming to Bratislava.


Don't know where to start? Read our What to do in Bratislava for 1 day guide and find out how to get the most from your visit.

Other spots


  • Tourist signs in City Center
  • Bratislava Castle
  • Michaels Tower
  • Old Town Hall - Bratislava
  • Panorama on Bratislava from UFO tower
  • Presidential (Grassalkovic) palace
  • Slavin statue
  • Slovak National Museum
  • Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra - Reduta
  • St. Martins Cathedral
  • Statue - Cumil
  • Statue - Napoleon Soldier
  • Statue - Schone Nazi
  • Streets of Bratislava city center
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  • Attractions and sightseeing

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    Follow the list of the most important and interesting places, which have to be visited by every tourist coming to Bratislava....

    Attractions and sightseeing
  • Bratislava Airport (BTS)

    Posted by   September 08, 2018  88.00% Rating

    Bratislava has only one airport called "Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika", or shorter version "Letisko M. R. Štefánika", so it is easy to navigate to here. The low-cost airlines, Ryanair, flies directly to here. Visit the Of...

    Bratislava Airport (BTS)
  • Central train station

    Posted by   September 07, 2018  78.00% Rating

    Central train station called "Hlavná stanica", is located within a few minutes from city center by public transport. The surrounding of the station image and visual is awful, however, it should be modernized within few years. Maybe you will not bel...

    Central train station

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