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Castle-Hill Vydrica Area Scene Miniguide


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Vydrica (see map) is the remnant of what mostly used to be the Jewish ghetto on the Eastern side of the Castle Hill. It is a short walk from the Old Town and has a romantic, avantgarde edge. There are a number of cool bars open late into night, as well as a few worthwhile restaurants. The narrow, cobbled winding streets have a quirky atmosphere and are enjoyable during the day but also well into the evening.
Andy Drink-In Gallery - narrow cellar pub and bar with a unique ambience open late into the night. Popular with the artsy crowd and area bohemians.
Cafe del Via - unpretentious, youthful alternative cafe.
Cafe Kastelan - old-school, cheap cafe on Zidovska.
Schlossberg - small friendly bar and cafe in a side street.
U certa - popular local pub open late on Beblaveho.
U dobreho pastiera - a popular hang-out in the historical building.
Vydrica - pub and bar open late.
Azyl - cellar club with electronic music.
Subclub - a true Bratislava landmark, former U Club, an underground bomb shelter under the castle hill with a young dance crowd, most nights electronica, drum and bass, minimal, techno, some nights reggae.
Hill-side rest area
Chagall Restaurant - serving innovative cuisine on top of Zamocka.
Chez David - Jewish restaurant at the Chez David Pension.
Fatima - authentic Lebanese restaurant (formerly Samir).
Jazmin - standard Chinese restaurant, popular especially for lunch.
La Lanterna - outstanding Italian restaurant at Zamocka, menu changes daily, pricey.
Modra Hviezda - restaurant serving traditional fare of the region with great wines and ambience.
La Strada - increasingly popular, reasonably priced authentic Italian restaurant.
Jewish Museum - the Jewish Museum of the Slovak National Museum at Zidovska with expositions on the history of Slovakia's Jewish community.
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