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Ray on May 07, 2017

TAXI RIP-OFF ALERT! Bratislava Train station to Zlate Piesky - Shopping Palace (about 8 min ride) - €24 (twenty four euro) eventually gave €50 euro note and got €25 back (gave himself a tip). My wife and I were shocked and furious. The taxi fare meter in the car was in no proper visible location. I discreetly tried to look for the meter, eventually after while I found it buried at the bottom of the front dashboard. I first saw which looked like €4 something and thought Ok, from about 1 minute into the ride, but as we pulled into our destination, then shocked to have not seen the full display. €24 for less than 10 min ride. I was afraid he would call the Police, so I didn't want to cause a scene and wreck the whole day, a BIG lesson learnt. NEVER EVER EVER EVER TAKE A TAXI FROM THE STREET. It took us a while to swallow the shock and get on with was supposed to be a romantic day in Bratislava. We took a tram back and cost me €1,40 for 2 people and had a romantic meal in our home in Vienna. If you want tourists to come to Bratislava, clean up the taxi-fare corruption. Won't be coming back any time soon. Bye Bratislava. If it ever happens to you, take a pic of receipt and the car Reg. and report it to the authorities.

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Manuel on Apr 02, 2017

3 minutes drive from the bus station, Sunday afternoon, 1 piece of luggage....24€

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Danny on Jan 09, 2017

We used because we wanted to book our airport transfer in advance but knowing that local taxis are not ripping off tourists and expats, we may give it a try next time.

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Pavel on Dec 10, 2016

Dakujem za informacie o taxikoch.

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