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Hlavne jedla - Main dishes


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This article is a part of series, where you can learn Slovak language words and phrases.

maso - meat [mp3|maso]
cevabcici - chevapchichi [mp3|cevabcici]
hovadzie - beef [mp3|hovadzie]
bravcove - pork [mp3|bravcove]
kuracie - chicken [mp3|kuracie]
pecienka - roast [mp3|pecienka]
morcacie - turkey [mp3|morcacie]
telacie - veal [mp3|telacie]
sunka - ham [mp3|sunka]
kacica - duck [mp3|kacica]
salama - salami [mp3|salama]
klobasy - sausages [mp3|klobasy]
slanina - bacon [mp3|slanina]
ryby - fish [mp3|ryby]
vajce - egg [mp3|vajce]
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