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Public Holidays in Slovakia


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Public Holidays in Slovakia mostly follow standard international or European holidays, although there are some exceptions, such as holidays related to Slovak Republic or some specific religional holidays.
All state and city offices, schools and stores work reduced hours or are completely closed on the following days:
January 1: New Year, Day of establishment of the Slovak Republic
January 6: The Epiphany and Christmas of Orthodox Christians
May 1: May Day
May 8: End of the World War II in Europe
July 5: Holiday of St. Cyril and St. Metodius
August 29: Anniversary of the Slovak national uprising
September 1: Day of Constitution of the Slovak Republic
September 15: Lady of Seven Sorrows
November 1: All Saints Day
November 17: Day of fight for freedom and democracy
December 24: Christmas eve
December 25: Christmas day
December 26: Boxing day
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