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Bratislava is located in a mild climatic zone of continental nature, characterised by wide differences between temperatures in summer and winter, as well as by four distinct seasons of the year. Within recent years however the transition of winter to summer in Bratislava almost occurs without spring, and winter weather with average temperatures of around zero degrees Celsius can abruptly change into summer from one day to another. The same also applies to the transition of summer to winter, which happens quickly and with autumn being short and easily missed. Snow cover is also usually scantier than it has been in the recent past.

Average temperatures by month:
January: -1°C/31°F
February: 1°C/34°F
March: 6°C/43°F
April: 10°C/50°F
May: 15°C/59°F
June: 18°C/65°F
July: 21°C/69°F
August: 20°C/68°F
September: 17°C/62
October: 11°C/51°F
November: 4°C/40°F
December: 1°C/34°F
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