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Bratislava Parking Availability and Regulations

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In the centre, in most streets during the day (8 a.m. through 4 p.m.) you are required to purchase and mark one-hour parking cards at a low price of |0.70| per hour. Parking cards, which require you to mark the time, are sold in the streets by vendors in yellow vests and also at some newsstands.
A lot of places in the centre are private (marked with a white cross on the ground, a blue P-Reserve traffic sign and sometimes protected with a metal column).

Cars in Bratislava can be towed if they obstruct traffic and the driver can not be contacted. Cars are towed to the Black Forrest area in the Vlcie Hrdlo district. To retrieve a towed car you must contact the police (phone number 159 for the city police, +421 2 4564 3817 for the towed cars registry) and pay a hefty fine and retrieval fee. To check online, whether your car has been towed, follow this link and enter your licence plate number without any spaces in the box. Cars can be retrieved between 7:30 a.m. and 10 p.m.

These are used for other parking violations and contain a contact telephone number (you may contact the city police at 159).
Guarded Secure Paid Parking

Fees for guarded parking start at about |1| per hour and go all the way up to |2.50| per hour. Fees may vary by length of stay and day of the week.
A system of navigation to free parking garages is in place with signs showing whether there are free places available. The following garages are included:
Zone Centrum South (Juh):
Osobny Pristav (Passenger Ship Port)
Rajska - near Hotel Kyjev
Stary Most (Old Bridge)
Zone Centrum North (Sever):
Hlavna stanica (Main Train Station)
Zone Historical Centre (Historicke Centrum):
Carlton - in front of the Hotel Radisson SAS Carlton and the US Embassy at Hviezdoslavovo Square
Opera - between Palackeho and Jesenskeho streets near the Opera
Ursulinska - behind the Main Post Office on SNP Square
Veterna - by Suche Myto
You can check which garages are currently occupied here:
Additional parking:
Airport parking
Aupark (also Park&Ride)
Hotel Danube
Hotel Devin
Hotel Forum
Ursulinska St. - underground garage - behind the SNP Square Main Post Office Eurovea Gallery

The city provides a parking navigation system directing visitors to vacant parking.

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Bob Forster on May 26, 2017

What are the rules for parking a motorbike? I will be coming to Bratislava 2up with my wife (staying across the river) and would like to visit the castle and old town area. I don't see any MC specific parking areas.

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