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  1. Average temperatures during the year

Bratislava has a moderately continental climate with four distinct seasons; therefore, there is a significant difference between summer and winter. During summer, the temperature can rise up to 30°C, occasionally even higher. During winter, the temperatures are around 0°C, but at night, they can get lower than -10°C. It can also snow, but usually, the snow cover will not last for more than few days.

However, the climate is changing and spring and autumn are slowly disappearing. The Slovak official meteorologic website is called and is quite precise.

Average temperatures during the year

January is usually very cold with many snowy days.
February is still cold, but the temperatures rise slowly.
March is usually wet, with the last signs of snow and first signs of warmer sun.
April is very rainy and weather changes from minute to minute. The warm sun can be replaced by heavy rains.
May has stable warm weather and predicts the arrival of summer.
Jun and July are the summer months with very warm temperatures, but could be replaced by summer storms. The weather is not very stable and changes in weekly cycles.
August is a stable warm month with less rainy and stormy days, ideal for hiking and sightseeing.
September has warm and stable weather, however the high temperatures are only around 20 - 25°C. It is usually more windy and the nights are colder.
October signals the arrival of autumn and it usually rains a lot. The temperatures are not high and it is cloudy most of the time.
November is still rainy and the temperatures are quite low. In the middle of the month, the first snow falls. Mornings are frozen and days usually wet and cold.
December is cold and wet month with high possibility of snow or rain.

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