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Currency exchange in Prague


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Even though Czechia is part of European Union they are not using Euro. The official currency in Czechia and therefore in Prague is Czech Crown or Koruna (CZK).

When searching for an exchange of your foreign currency here are some tips which can help you to have a hustle free experience.

Currency exchange at Prague Airport

There are several exchange offices operated by two companies - Interchange and Cash point. You can find them in departure and also arrival area for public in both terminals, also in the luggage area and also in transit pass. But we suggest to wait with the exchange until you can use some ATM or exchange the money in a bank.

Currency exchange in the Pragues city centre

Most important thing - do not exchange money with random people on the street. They can offer you “the best exchange rate” but in most cases it is a scam and it is even illegal. But do not worry there is a lot of option where to change money.

ATMs in Prague

One of the safest and hustle free way is taking money from the ATM. There is pretty dense network of ATMs operated by banks which are accepting international credit/debit cards - but remember the banks can charge additional fees for a withdrawal.

Banks in Prague

Talking about banks - it is another place where you can exchange your currency without any problem and without a fear that you will be scammed. But remember that the banks are not always having the best exchange rate compared to the exchange offices on the street, so if you are looking for the best exchange rate in the city centre you have to look for the best “buy” you need to find the best “exchange office with best exchange rate”.

Exchange offices in Prague

There is a lot of exchange offices in Pragues city centre. But be aware of that some of them are not a good option for exchange at all, because their exchange rate is undervaluing the “official” value of foreign currency. These kind of exchange offices you can find usually on the most busy places in Pragues city centre. So before going to exchange office check the official exchange rate for example on the website of Czech national bank and compare it to the exchange rate of the office. Sometimes this can save you good amount of money, there was a situation where one office was offering half of the “official” value to its customers.

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