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  1. How it works - get 10€ free
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Uber is low cost on-demand ride service operating in Bratislava and globally around the world. You can get 10€ credit for free if you sign-up via this link, or use a promocode "BASKEU" for your first ride!

10€ credit is enough to get nearly everywhere within Bratislava. Free credit can be used for your first ride, if you did not use Uber app for transport, yet.

We recommend using Uber instead of any other taxi service in Bratislava. You will get a fare estimate before each ride, can pay cashless, see reviews of each driver and can book via smartphone.


How it works - get 10€ free

Use promocode BASKEU to get 10€ credit

Registration - if you do not use Uber app, yet:

  1. Sign-up on the website
  2. Create your account and add payment details
  3. Download an app to your smartphone
  4. 10€ voucher for your first ride will be applied automatically

If you have alreday downloaded Uber app, but didn't use it for a ride, use a promocode BASKEU to redeem a 10€ credit for your first ride.

If you are an active user of Uber already, enjoy your ride within Bratislava :)

Book a ride and get 10€ off for your first ride »



from Bratislava to Vienna Airport 40€ Book a ride »
from Bratislava to Vienna City Center 55€ Book a ride »
from Bratislava Airport to Bratislava City Center 6 - 10€ Book a ride »
from Bratislava Train Station to Bratislava City Center 2 - 5€ Book a ride »


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Branko on Aug 24, 2018

It says the article was written August 21st. But I see some of the comments are from 2016.

Is Uber still available in Bratislava? I understood that it stopped operating until their court appeal has been heard.

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JohhnyBoy on Dec 12, 2017

Uber to much go to United States for better prices,

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Delia on Mar 06, 2017

How much will it be for a ride between Bratislava and Sopron?

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T on Feb 28, 2017

Can i book Uber from Vienna Airport to Bratislava as well?

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T on Feb 28, 2017

Can i book Uber from Vienna Airport to Bratislava as well?

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