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Bratislava taxi Guide


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  1. On-demand mobile applications
  2. Beware tourist traps
  3. Pricing

Bratislava's taxis are not as bad of a nightmare as those in some other cities of the region. Simply follow our advice and you will find the taxi service convenient and even cheap.

First thing you will notice is that taxis here are not unified as for example in New York. Almost any car can be registered as a taxi and will get a yellow taxi plate on the roof. Bratislava has about 20 separate taxi firms with over 2,000 vehicles and at least one hundred additional drivers who are not signed up with any firm. Taxis that carry a sign with the name of a taxi service are generally a cheaper and safer option than unmarked cars with only a yellow taxi light on the roof. The individual firms usually hold drivers accountable for complaints. These are usually also cheaper than hotel taxis at large hotels.

On-demand mobile applications

App Description Fare / km Download Web


Global app. Get a discount for your first ride here


(+ 1.20€ base + 0.07€ / min)

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store


Created by Slovak developers, available in English, too. Good coverage in the city.

0.50 - 1.00€

(depends on the taxi company you get)

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

Liftago taxi

Created by Czech developers, available in English, too. One of newer players in the market, so the coverage is questionable.

0.50 - 1.00€

(depends on the driver you get)

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store


Global app. One of newer players in the market, so the coverage is questionable.


(+ base)

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

Prices here are not given and might change during time. Please check the website of each company to confirm the current price list.

Beware tourist traps

Recently, a smartphone application named Hopin has gained in popularity - it is worthwhile to use it if you are staying in Bratislava for more than a few days. Similar to Uber, Hopin allows you to order a taxi without making a phonecall - you can see taxis on a map, rate drivers and communicate with them via text chat.

The drivers not signed up with any taxi firm often prey on unsuspecting tourists at major tourist spots: be careful if taking a taxi at the Hviezdoslavovo square in front of the Slovak National Theatre, from the Train Station, Bus Station or from the Airport. One of our visitors recently wrote that while the trip from the station to the centre cost him 3.30€, the trip back was 16€. Either negotiate the fare with them in advance or ask someone to call you a taxi if you can.

If you are taking a taxi from the train station, airport or bus station, pick one, which is affiliated with a company (it will usually have a sign with the company name on the door, some names are ABC Taxi, BP Taxi, FUN Taxi, Hapl Taxi, Hello Taxi, Lady Taxi, MB Taxi, Merci Taxi, Otto Taxi, Profi Taxi, Super Taxi, Taxi BP Servis, Taxi Caribic, Taxi Bratislava, Taxi Taxi, Trend Taxi, VB Taxi, VIP Taxi, Yellow Taxi). Before taking a hotel taxi make sure it does not charge inflated rates.


Each taxi company has several rates:

  • lower rate (about 0.60-1.00€ per km) when ordered by telephone
  • higher rate (0.90-1.5€ per km) when hailed in the street or a taxi stand (the ones that are rented by a specific taxi company).

Some taxi firms automatically charge the higher rate to pickups at tourist accommodation. When you enter a taxi, the running meter always shows, which rate you are being charged. It will show two numbers: the total price and rate (1 usually corresponds to a taxi hailed in the street, 2 is ordered by telephone, 3 and higher are usually rates for out-of-town trips). Insist on the meter being used and check that the correct rate is being applied. If taking a taxi in the street try to negotiate the fare in advance.

The total fare is usually composed of a 1.70-3.20€ starting fee (the starting fee may be higher for outlying localities such as Cunovo, Devin, Devinska Nova Ves, Dubravka, Jarovce, Raca, Rusovce, Vajnory, Zahorska Bystrica), waiting fee of 0.13 to 0.30€ applied while the car is at a standstill and distance fee depending on distance in kilometres multiplied by the rate applied (about 0.60 to 1.5€ per kilometre).

Some taxi companies have a minimum rate of |4| per journey. In some busy periods, notably at Christmas and on New Year's Eve, many Bratislava taxi companies apply surcharges to regular prices. Approximate total prices (depend on whether the taxi was ordered by phone, hailed in the street or picked up at a taxi stand, whether it is signed up with one of the companies or independent):
Airport to City Centre from about |10| for telephone-ordered local radio taxi, through |15| discounted flat-rate charged by pre-ordered official Airport Taxi up to multiples of these prices occasionally charged by rogue taxis waiting at the airport.
Within the Centre about |4| to |6.5| for telephone-order local radio taxi, up to |8| for a taxi hailed in the street
Train Station to Centre about |4.50| for telephone-ordered local radio taxi up to multiples of these prices occasionally charged by taxis waiting at the station
It is customary but not required to leave taxi drivers a small tip - usually by rounding up to the nearest 20 or 50 cents.
Drivers may accept major foreign currencies such as US dollars, but at a significant surcharge. It is usually both cheaper and easier to pay with Euros.
You are always entitled to be issued a receipt - most taxis now have a printer attached to the meter (alternatively, they provide a hand-written and stamped receipt), which must contain: price, where from and where to, licence plate number of car, identification number of driver or company.
Virtually anyone in Bratislava will be happy to call their favourite taxi company for you, when you ask them. Do not hesitate to ask to for a taxi to be called by hotel or restaurant staff anywhere in the city as this will save you hassle and money.
Here are the names and telephone numbers of a few taxi companies we like (with a little bit of luck, when you call the person will speak English):

  • Fun Taxi, 16777 or +421216777 from your mobile
  • Hello Taxi, 16321 or +421216321 from your mobile
  • Profi Taxi, 16222 or +421216222 from your mobile
  • Trend Taxi, 16302 or +421216302 from your mobile
  • Taxi Bratislava Schwechat, +421 903 853 359

Waiting times for taxis ordered by telephone vary but are generally under 15 minutes in most of the central areas.
Note: Unlike in most cities, a lit Taxi light on the roof of the car does not automatically mean that a taxi passing by in the street is vacant.

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Ray on May 07, 2017

TAXI RIP-OFF ALERT! Bratislava Train station to Zlate Piesky - Shopping Palace (about 8 min ride) - €24 (twenty four euro) eventually gave €50 euro note and got €25 back (gave himself a tip). My wife and I were shocked and furious. The taxi fare meter in the car was in no proper visible location. I discreetly tried to look for the meter, eventually after while I found it buried at the bottom of the front dashboard. I first saw which looked like €4 something and thought Ok, from about 1 minute into the ride, but as we pulled into our destination, then shocked to have not seen the full display. €24 for less than 10 min ride. I was afraid he would call the Police, so I didn't want to cause a scene and wreck the whole day, a BIG lesson learnt. NEVER EVER EVER EVER TAKE A TAXI FROM THE STREET. It took us a while to swallow the shock and get on with was supposed to be a romantic day in Bratislava. We took a tram back and cost me €1,40 for 2 people and had a romantic meal in our home in Vienna. If you want tourists to come to Bratislava, clean up the taxi-fare corruption. Won't be coming back any time soon. Bye Bratislava. If it ever happens to you, take a pic of receipt and the car Reg. and report it to the authorities.

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Manuel on Apr 02, 2017

3 minutes drive from the bus station, Sunday afternoon, 1 piece of luggage....24€

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Danny on Jan 09, 2017

We used because we wanted to book our airport transfer in advance but knowing that local taxis are not ripping off tourists and expats, we may give it a try next time.

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Pavel on Dec 10, 2016

Dakujem za informacie o taxikoch.

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