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What to do in Bratislava in 2 days?


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Adrien Ibanez on May 04, 2018

Hello Jakub! Thank you for writing this guide. My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Bratislava this August and we'd love to try the historical costumes in St. Martin's Cathedral. We can't find anything about it though in the internet. Would you happen to have more info about it? Thanks again!

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Mercedes on May 24, 2016

Hi! Thank you for this awesome page, it's really helping me with the planning of my trip to Slovakia :)!

I will be there for around 4 days, and i was wondering if it is better to stay around Bratislava (visiting cities nearby and some lakes I read about), or if it is better to just spend 2 days in Bratislava and for the last days renting a car and going to the east (to visit specially the mountains and probably Kosice), what would you do if you were me :D?

Thank you!

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Samuel on May 24, 2016

Hi Mercedes,

if I had 4 days in Slovakia I would spend them like this:

1. day in Bratislava, sightseeing in historical center, have some good dinner and beer,

2. day some small city close to bratislava, for example Pezinok or Modra famous for being part of Carpathian wine route (there are plenty of wine cellars)

3. day some nice city further away from Bratislava, for example Banská Štiavnica (very old city with rich mining and smithery tradition)

4. day in Liptov - the region between High and Low Tatras. If the weather is nice go for tracking, if not you can visit some famous caves and taste some traditional Slovak food.

Enjoy your stay!


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