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How to get to Devin Castle

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Tori LB on Dec 03, 2016

Thank you for the helpful post! Just one thing to note. Bus 29 doesn't run at the weekend. Instead you have to catch the 28 and request to stop at Štrbská. From there is a 6 minute walk to the Hrad Devin bus stop. I discovered this today, Saturday December 3, when trying to get to the castle this morning and the 29 never showed up.

Also, the 29 runs every hour from Botanicka Zahrada, so if you arrive on the 32 from the main train station at 11:30, you have to wait until 12:15 for the 29 to come. The 28 arrives there at 11:57. Just a good thing to note, especially when it's cold.

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