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  • Muslim Religious Services in Bratislava

    Posted by   October 05, 2017  100.00% Rating

    By Daniel Sukup Bratislava, December 21, 2010 ( - Being a tourist in a foreign country does not necessarily mean that there is no church service available for you. Many cities have religion services for foreigners and Bratislava is not...

    Muslim Religious Services in Bratislava
  • Radio Yerevan Jokes

    Posted by   November 08, 2017  100.00% Rating

    By Allan StevoJanuary 14, 2011, Bratislava, ( - If you grew up west of the Iron Curtain, you might not have known that Yerevan was the capital city of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. If you grew up east of the Iron Curtain, the...

    Radio Yerevan Jokes

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